44 Days

Thanksgiving is a week away  and it’s lunch time so I am currently dreaming of turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries and cauliflower stuffing.  For the first time, even though I’ve been doing “paleo” for 4 years now, I am not craving my mom’s potato rolls or peach pie…but if I think about them for too long I may start to.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

With the holidays coming 2012 goals that have not yet been reached are probably going out the window for a lot of people.  After all, holidays mean your diet and exercise habits are just going to be in shambles.  Cookies at work, christmas parties, who has time for broccoli or workouts?  The holiday spirit is in the air and your healthy habits are gone with the wind.  You’re going to have to wait until the new year to start any kind of real progress right?  Well, that’s a method.

A terrible method.

There are currently 44 days left in 2012…FORTY FOUR!  Imagine if you had started working out 2 times a week 44 days ago, or given up sugar 44 days ago.  Where would you be today? Umm…approximately 44 days closer to your goal.  It’s like 2013 is a race and you have a 44 day head start.

Obstacles will always be present, find a way to get over it.

Really, Really Tasty Roasted Vegetables

One major obstacle next week might be the Thanksgiving buffet table.  Fortunately, there are many healthy versions of our favorite traditions.  My personal favorite being breadless stuffing.  Yes, it does exist.  The best recipe I have ever made and will make again this year is from Mark’s Daily Apple.  I think the name of the recipe would be more accurate if it were “Really, Really Tasty Roasted Vegetables.”  It is really, really tasty.



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