Maybe if I consistently say consistency I will be more consistent.

If only it were so easy.  The truth is that for some of us sticking with something is not just “easier said than done,” it is freaking hard.  I am one of those.  In high school I had to set a timer to read my chemistry/trigonometry/spanish book for 15 minutes,  then allow myself 5 minutes to do something fun–like write an english paper– just so I could get through my homework.  Color me dork, but it worked.  I knew I couldn’t do something boring for very long without hitting a wall and then throwing my book at that wall.  It’s sort of like that wall at mile marker 20 in a marathon where you realize that you’ve just run 20 miles and you’re still. not. done.  I don’t personally know about this said-named wall because 26.2 miles of pure running is just one thing is far too much for me to comprehend.  Maybe if you broke it up in 2 mile increments with burpees you might be able to talk me into it, but consistently running 26.2 miles?  Where’s my book?  Not to read –to throw.

My blogging is just one more piece of proof that I lack consistency.  Sure I had a baby–did that make my brain and fingers stop working??  One could argue my brain, but my fingers work just fine–just look at my Facebook wall.  I have the capability, but my will and determination have been lacking.

My husband is the king of consistency.  I’ve spent 9 years hoping this consistency would rub off on me, but the truth is that without my decision to become more consistent it just isn’t going to happen.  I can use star charts and reward systems (yup–the kind you buy at the teacher store that teachers use for kids with less-than-stellar attention spans)  I’ve used both, but without my pure will and determination, those stars and rewards won’t bring me success.

This is a short post and it may seem like more of an emotional-boil-over than a health and fitness article, but I had to start somewhere.  If you don’t put your foot forward and start somewhere, you’ll never reach your goal.

You can have a program, a schedule, a plan, but if you don’t have the determination to do it consistently, your chances of success are just that–chances.

So here’s to blogging consistently.  What will you do consistently?  Post it to comments so that I know someone is out there listening.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    I will consistently read your blog!!! Welcome back!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will consistently smack down that little voice that says I can’t do (whatever) CF exercise

    1. Lauren says:

      I know you “someone”–and I’m elated to hear that. 🙂

  3. Helen says:

    Yay! The girl is back! I will also consistently read your posts, as well at try diligently to be on time (one of my personal goals…)

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