You are stronger than you think you are…just ask a kid.

My absolute favorite thing about being a coach is the moment for every beginner when they realize just how capable they are as an athlete.  That moment when they push through the discomfort and start believing they can do something because they JUST did it!  Our bodies are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and as adults we have such a hard time learning this.

While watching another video on this morning, I was motivated by an unlikely demographic of Crossfitters.  They are just little guys, but with big will and motivation–they’re kids.  Crossfit Kids.  If you think Crossfit, running, or any kind of exercise is outside of your grasp because it’s just too complicated, too hard, or takes too much willpower, I’m sure these kids would be willing to give you a pep-talk.  Actually they don’t even need to talk to motivate you…they motivate you with their actions.  Just watch.

Crossfit Kids Video

Greg does a great job of breaking down the burpee in this video.  If you’ve never done a burpee before, then try one today.  Actually…try 10.


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  1. you know I love burpees…well, actually I love their effectiveness. And I agree about the kid thing. Molly looks for crossfit opportunities anywhere she can. She does box jumps on sidewalks, and hangs on bars to show off her toes to bar. Anna Cate will get double unders before I will since she jumps rope a lot!

    1. Lauren says:

      Burpees are an excellent tool…they can be done anywhere and work the entire body! We are born to move, kids show us that everyday!

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