I Actually Took My Own Advice

I did it!  I actually took my own advice.  You know how I talk about being prepared and thinking ahead and using a meal plan?  Well, I suck at that.  I am the queen of last-minute meals made from whatever is in the refrigerator,   I am the girl who flies home from work ready to devour anything and everything in her grasp, only to find nothing ready to eat.  To top it all off, those recipes I create from dishes I’ve concocted?  Well, I am completely incapable of following them.  If I had to choose between doing another Tough Mudder and following a recipe, I’d pick the Tough Mudder. (haha…just kidding).

But today!  Today I followed my own advice– I printed off the preparation guide, filled it out and went to the grocery store!  Wait it gets better!  When I got home from the grocery store I unloaded, cleaned, cut, and bagged the groceries!  I now have a fridge filled with veggies that are ready to be cooked, two whole chickens, some pork cutlets, and two vegetable dishes that are cooked and ready to be eaten!  Oh, and there is a huge pork roast in the crock pot ready to become pulled pork.

As to not sound like a complete hypocrite,  I’d like to go on record saying:  I may not always know on Sunday what we’re going to have for dinner on Thursday, but we do always keep the fridge stocked with only the food that we know is going to help us make a good decision when we make a last minute meal or snack.  And fortunately, my husband has been doing a lot of meal planning and cooking over the last two months as my energy and tolerance levels are getting lower.  Phew I feel better now, I didn’t want people to think I’ve been ordering in and  stocking up on Twinkies and Ding Dongs (of course not, because Hostess went bankrupt).

Because we are prepared, our week will go much more smoothly.  I know we have a ton of pulled pork and chicken ready to eat and defrosted steaks ready to be grilled.  Our veggies just have to be dumped out to be steamed, grilled, or roasted and there is plenty of food to take leftovers for lunch the next day.  It’s going to be a tasty week.  Use the extra day this weekend to get on top of things, and try not to eat it all before you go back to work on Tuesday!   Happy extended weekend!


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