Preparation Guide

Preparation is a huge key to success when it comes to nutrition.  If you’re ill prepared, you’re far more likely to make poor decisions.  Starting your week with a full fridge and a plan will make your week far less stressful and far more successful!  Try it once and you’ll realize that it is worth the effort.

Steps to Prep:

  1. Choose a time during the weekend to set aside for preparation.  Don’t let anything interfere with this time…this time is sacred.
  2. Create a plan.  Use this guide as it walks you through creating a plan for the week.
  3. Create a grocery list including the dinner options you have chosen, as well as breakfast choices, and snacks.  Remember to buy enough of each meat and vegetable for dinner and enough to eat leftovers for lunch the next day.
  4. Now that you have a plan and groceries, get cooking.  I find the fastest option to use is your oven to roast in the winter and your grill in the summer.  You may not want to cook for the entire week, but enough to get you through Wednesday or so.  If you don’t want to cook ahead of time, put the meals together in your fridge, for example; cut up all of the vegetables for one meal and put it in a bag.  Put the meat for that meal in a bag and store them together.
  5. Pack your lunch bag for Monday!  Trying to rush around and get it at the last minute is a no go…you’ll be late to work and you won’t have all the lunch and snacks you need.

Download the preparation guide here!!

Try it this weekend and enjoy the sweet taste of being rewarded for your efforts all week long!  Let me know how the guide works for you!


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