Change begins where excuses end.

Creating Great Goals


Creating goals is a critical part of progressing  toward a healthier lifestyle.  Without goals, it is MUCH more difficult to measure progress and keep motivated as you work toward a healthier lifestyle.

Often times, focusing on just one goal wreaks havoc on other aspects of your life, on the other hand, creating too many goals makes it difficult to focus on what is most important.  Finding a balance is important. You may want to create a goal for different aspects of your life, for example: a physical goal, a mental/emotional goal, a health goal, a food goal, a social goal, or a family goal.  These are just examples, don’t limit the possibilities.  You find what is most important, but to start create no more than three goals to focus on and follow through to completion.

Creating Great Goals

Goals should be measurable, meaning you can test them. For example; “get healthier” is not easy to measure, but “reduce my cholesterol by 10% and lower my blood pressure by 20 points,” can be measured and recorded.

To begin making your goals, first think of what you want out of this.  Do you want to get faster or stronger?  Lose weight?  Gain muscle?  Improve upon your cholesterol or blood pressure?  If you don’t have any idea of what you want to get out of this process, then you won’t have a clear vision to work toward.  Whatever it may be, it needs to be turned into a measurable goal that you can test.  For example; I will get faster is hard to measure, but “I will improve upon my 500 meter row by 15 seconds,” is measurable.

A good goal also has a timeline.  “I will lose 10 pounds” needs a timeline.  “I will lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks,” is measurable and has a timeline.  Without timelines we could spend years going back and forth without accomplishing our goals.  Also, a good goal needs to include a process or plan for which you will accomplish it.  “I will lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks by exercising 5 times a week, decreasing my consumption of processed carbohydrates and increasing the amount of protein I eat.”  That is measurable, has a timeline, and shows that you have a plan.

Now it is your turn to create goals, use the following outline to create measurable, accomplish-able goals and have a plan in which to complete them!   It doesn’t matter if these are short term or long term goals!  A week, a month, 2 months, a year, you choose.

Complete this outline and post it somewhere VISIBLE for the world to see.

I will ___________________________________(state your goal) by _______________(date/timeline) by ____________________

______________________________________________________(the process through which you will achieve your goal).

I will ___________________________________(state your goal) by _______________(date/timeline) by ____________________

______________________________________________________(the process through which you will achieve your goal).

I will ___________________________________(state your goal) by _______________(date/timeline) by ____________________

______________________________________________________(the process through which you will achieve your goal).


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