Lauren’s Local Loves: Foode

While my sister was visiting last week, we visited beautiful downtown Fredericksburg.  Of course we stopped at the Kitchen at Whitingham and Hyperion, and did some wine shopping at Virginia Wine Experience, but we found a new local love as well. 

It was a rainy, chilly day and our little shopping excursion had left us hungry, so we started walking down Caroline Street in search of a warm place to eat.  Underneath a simple sign that read “Foode,” we were led through a small courtyard lined with old brick buildings to a bright cozy, little restaurant specializing in local ingredients.  On a sign read “Gourmet for the rest of us,” as well as another sign that listed today’s local ingredients next to a cooler full of local foods.  It was a charming building with beautiful brick arches and interesting artwork.  Next to the door, two big, comfy leather seats gave someone sipping on coffee or reading a book with their lunch, a place to relax for a bit.  In the back room was a large, old library table that would seat 10 or 12 people, whether friends or strangers, dining on local cuisine.  Although small, Foode provided a large amount of seating. 

We arrived a little early and waited for a few minutes as they printed off today’s menu.  The waitress apologized numerous times for the wait, but I was actually glad to wait–that meant whatever was on the menu was fresh from the farm.  We had two orders of apple crostini; “toasted crunchy bread with all natural chevre and a dollop of spiced winter compote made from local apples.” For lunch I had an asian steak salad on with “fresh, organic lettuces, cabbage, and carrots, grilled strips of all natural hormone-free beef steak, chopped grape tomatoes, crispy tortilla chips, and homemade soy-ginger dressing,” as well as a cup of creamy mushroom soup.  As opposed to most creamed mushroom soups, this was more mushroom than it was cream and had wonderful mushroom flavor.  Katie had a blackbean burger that was obviously freshly made, not some squished together processed burger, but “vegetarian blackbeans, green and red peppers, mixed organic greens, all on a toasted bun with cilantro mayo and topped off with the house pimento cheese.”  Katie said the burger had great flavor, and we both nibbled on her fresh “Foode Fries.”–yuuuuum!  I would have provided you with beautiful pictures of our meal…but we ate it too fast.

At Foode they take pride in where their food comes from, they scour local markets, butchers, dairies, and farms to find the freshest, highest quality ingredients to feed their customers.  They don’t accept tips, they want you to save that extra money and come back and visit them again!   By reading their blog, I can see that their staff works hard to provide you, the customer with the best ingredients, which is something I dearly appreciate.  I take a lot of pride in providing my family with the best quality food, but it is nice sometimes to have someone do that for you.

The atmosphere was so relaxed and welcoming, I do hope you will visit Foode this week on a date night, or one afternoon with your coworkers!  You will enjoy both the food and the experience, I know I will be heading back soon!  To see what they’re serving this week,  a copy of their menu can be found on their site, or by clicking here.


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  1. Norah says:

    I love Foode too! Did you score their Groupon last week? I can’t wait to go again!

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