Workout #5 and the 28 Health Choices You Will Make Today

This week’s workout was another burner–if you haven’t noticed I prefer the fast and furious workouts, mostly because they don’t allow you much time to think, just GO!  Great job to Lee, Norah, Jen, Helen, and Karen for completing this workout which consisted of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats–you girls ROCK!  I find push ups to be challenging and that was what I heard from everyone who completed this.  Push ups may seem simple enough, but when you are doing 100 reps of anything, it can get hard –fast!  Lee got through the workout in 10:08, but the other ladies weren’t far behind her.  Great work, girls!  Maybe we can do this week’s workout together?  That way you can all curse me to my face.

Again, all of these women are from RARE Crossfit and do a great job representing and putting in extra work on top of their normal weekly workouts.  These women are not former Olympians or college level athletes, they are just regular women like you and me striving for more.  Striving to prove to ourselves that we can, striving to live many healthy years spent with our grandkids, striving to be better examples for their children, STRIVING. What are you striving for?  A better body?  A stronger mind?  A feeling of wellbeing?  Whatever it may be, have the drive to work toward it.  It doesn’t have to be a fast, furious transformation, every healthy choice is a step in the right direction.  The choices you make TODAY about your health will impact you tomorrow, whether you like it or not. 

How many decisions have you made about your health so far today? How many decisions are left to be made?

  • Did you get a full night’s rest?
  • Did you wake up to positive thoughts?
  • Will you take time to yourself, whether it be to stretch, workout, or just relax, before you begin another day spent giving of yourself to others?
  • Will you have a healthy breakfast with protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats?
  • Will you pack a healthy lunch of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats?
  • Will you pack your gym clothes?
  • Will you grab a healthy snack on the way out the door this morning?
  • Will you put a bunch of sugar in your coffee?
  • Will you take your vitamins?
  • Will you bring a water bottle with you?  Will you hydrate today?
  • Will you park in the back of the parking lot so you can get a few extra steps in today?
  • Will you drink a soda–whether it be diet or regular–instead of drinking  pure water?
  • Will you chose a salad, or sandwich wrapped in lettuce over a burger for lunch?
  • Will you walk to get your lunch, or hop in the car for the 4 block commute to a restaurant?
  • Will you chose to partake in negative conversation with coworkers about the rainy day and how tired you are?
  • Will you begin positive, encouraging conversation with another positive person in your workplace?
  • Will you go to the vending machine at 3:00 to get processed food?
  • Instead of checking your e-mail for the 4, 000th time, will you look up a nutrition article to gain some knowledge and incite?
  • Will you chew on gum instead of munching on candy?
  • Will you take the stairs instead of the elevator?
  • Will you play outside with your kids, or send them outside while you watch TV?
  • Will you plan a healthy dinner for you and your family?
  • Will you make a healthy dinner?
  • Will you do a quick workout while your kids take their afternoon nap?
  • Will you go to the gym or do your own workout at home?
  • Will you have an after dinner snack or popcorn, cookies, and chips, or nuts, fresh fruit, and a piece of cheese?
  • Will you stretch out your sore shoulder, neck, or back before you go to bed so that you sleep better and your body will have full range of motion and mobility?
  • Will you go to bed at a decent hour ?

The amount of choices  you make in a day regarding your health is almost overwhelming, but take one decision at a time.  If you have made or will make a positive choice in any one of these situations today, you have made a healthy step in the right direction and you should feel good about that. 

Let me help you make your first healthy decision of the day, make time today to do this workout.

No BS Open Workout #4

You will need a large area in your yard, your neighbor’s yard, or a nearby park for this one.  Next, find something that weighs about 10 pounds, whether it be a rock, a medicine ball, or a small child.  You pick.  Actually, you may wan to read further before you chose…

3 rounds for time:

  • 50 walking lunges in one direction with said-named-object held overhead (not ON your head, OVERhead)–meaning you will probably travel about 200 feet.
  • Throw said-named-object backwards, forwards, underhand, overhand, however you want, back to your beginning point.  It will take more than one throw.
  • Once you throw the object, run backward to it and throw it again, run backward to it, and throw it again until you have reached your beginning point.
  • When you get back to your beginning point do 1 burpee for everytime you threw the object (if you it took you 4 throws to get back to your beginning point=4 burpees, 40 throws= 40 burpees)

This workout will be different, perhaps even fun.  If you’re looking at this thinking “I can’t do that”–you’re wrong.  If you need to scale it, do so.  Use a lighter weight or do fewer walking lunges.  Whatever you do, just DO IT!  No excuses, No BS.

Disclaimer: do not use a small child to complete this workout–it would be far too traumatizing for you..and the child.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Norah says:

    This sounds so FUN!

    1. Lauren says:

      I hope you feel the same way when you’re half way into it!

  2. Norah says:

    Was home with the kids yesterday and completed workout #4 in the yard. My neighbors saw me and had some looks, but it was fun!
    I used an 8lb medicine ball. (I couldn’t find anything heavier that I could throw).
    I completed 3 rounds in 8:51.
    Another good one!!!

  3. Lee says:

    Didn’t get a chance to do this over the weekend. Yesterday I had to do the Games Wod and also run at the Quarry. After those two work-outs I was pooped. Will do it tonight Lauren. I promise!

  4. Lee says:

    I finally got to do this wod at RARE last night. I used a 10# slam ball. Another great quad burner courtesy of Lauren. It took me 10:05. It’s surprising how far you can toss a med ball when burpees are involved. The gravel out back was a bit rough though!

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