Homemade Sausage


Yesterday afternoon we got together at a friend’s house to carry on a family tradition of theirs.  As military families, we don’t always have our blood relatives around to share these traditions with, so we end up sharing and celebrating our family traditions with our military family.  By doing this we learn a lot about each other, and perhaps acquire a new skill or way of thinking along the way.  The military brings people from all states and walks of life together to form this unexplainable bond.  To the military we bring our customs, cultures, beliefs, and traditions to share with our new family.  It is a wonderful way to be introduced to new ideas and concepts!

After church on Sunday we got together with three other families to make sausage, a tradition that had been celebrated for years by dear friends of ours.  In the past we have gotten out the big, ole’ meat grinder that weights about a half ton and ground different cuts of pork and beef, but this time we used meat that had already been ground to make the process a little more simple.  In this family’s tradition, the women worked together to create the perfect blend the spices, while the men and kids ground the meat.  We did it on a much smaller scale than their family tradition, using a normal sized mixing bowl full of spices and the kitchen table to mix the meat together, whereas they used much larger bowls of spices and huge tubs to mix the meat.  Either way, it was a fun process that allowed us to control the ingredients in our sausage and gave us the assurance of knowing where our food came from.

Sausage in the store can be filled with sugar, preservatives, and UFO’s (unknown “food” objects), but by making our own, we know our sausage doesn’t have any sugar or preservatives, we know where the meat came from,  and we could make just as spicy, or mild as we wanted.  After we made the sausage we sat around and ate a good homemade meal filled with fresh fruit, salad, and strawberry delight.  Although we all live about 10 miles from one another, busy schedules make it difficult to get together for a nice, slow Sunday afternoon, but this week we made the time.  It was a wonderful way to start the week.

After 7 hours of visiting, we parted and took with us a couple pounds of homemade sausage.  I can’t wait to have some sausage for breakfast tomorrow…or maybe dinner tonight!  If you’re interested in making your own sausage, you can do it the simple way, by using meat that has already been ground by the butcher and add your own spice and herb blend. Or you can get a meat grinder attachment that will attach right to your KitchenAid mixer, or look online for many other options.  My husband and I usually pay extra for the butcher to make sausage out of the pig we buy, but I think next time we might just have him grind the pork and add our own spices! 

Oddly enough, Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple wrote a post about homemade sausage yesterday as well! Take a look if you’d like ideas for spice blends and recipes!


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