No BS Open

The Crossfit Games are the Super Bowl of Crossfit, where elite athletes come to compete and show the world that they are the most fit people on Earth.  With each passing year, the Crossfit Games get bigger and more competitive.  Not only are there more athletes every year, but with each passing year the athletes get stronger and faster, raising the bar for Crossfitters around the world.  The year, Coach Glassman has introduced a new way of qualifying for the Crossfit Games.  Instead of holding multiple sectionals around the world in which X amount of athletes compete and move onto regionals, ANYONE can qualify for a spot at regionals by competing in six workouts announced over the course of the next six weeks.  One can either submit a video of their workout or be judged at a participating affiliate who can validate their score or time.  A workout will be announced every Tuesday and athletes have until Sunday to complete the workout and submit their score or video.

This brings the Crossfit Games within the grasps of athletes around the world, no one can be left out because of logistics or finances, it is a WONDERFUL change.  RARE Crossfit will be a registered affiliate for the opening, meaning that those interested in competing can come and be judged at RARE in order to qualify.  I am extremely excited about this, I had no plans of participating in sectionals this year until they announced the change with the Crossfit Games Open.  Although I may not be up there with the elite competitors, I want to give it a try!  I am excited to compete alongside other RARE athletes, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

I am doing this for the challenge and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!  Starting next Tuesday I am going to post workouts for YOU to do, they will be scale-able so that anyone will be able to complete them.  When you have completed the workout, send me your results, even a picture or video if you’d like, and I will post them (if you want me to)!  I would love to do a post about the improvements you have made in your overall health through nutrition and fitness and highlight your efforts!  This is for everyone!  Even YOU!!!  If you think this is something you are not capable of, this is ESPECIALLY for you!  Prizes for the winners will be announced by Tuesday, but the real prize is the improvement you will make during the next six weeks by REALLY getting active and tuning in on your nutrition. 

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, e-mail me at OR if you are doubting your abilities, e-mail me and I will send you back 1,000 reasons why you should do this.


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