RARE ability. RARE commitment. RARE Crossfit.

The NEW RARE Crossfit facility located at 220 Industrial Drive in Fredericksburg, VA

RARE Crossfit is such a blessing to me, it’s far more than a place to work or workout, it is a community of people committed to a healthier life for themselves and for all of those around them.  This morning we pulled a workout out of the “Hopper Deck” (a deck of cards with a different workout on each card), it was a long, tumultuous workout that would have been enough to make a veteran grimace, let alone someone brand new to Crossfit or this kind of intensity.  On the contrary, from the group of 13 or 14 people, I didn’t hear a single complaint, it was the work that needed to done and let me tell you….it got done.

The workout consisted of 10 rounds of running and squat cleans, one movement that requires a lot of mental strength and another that involves a lot of skill.  Some of the people there today have only completed a handful of full Crossfit workouts with us, while others were seasoned RARE members who have been with us for a while, but today you wouldn’t have known the difference.  Above all of the grunting and bar-dropping, I heard cheers and encouragement, not just from the coaches, but from those sweating alongside each other.  The energy that is emitted during a workout at RARE is enough to make you want to join in.

Before joining RARE, I worked out by myself and it was easy to get down on myself and say “this is going to be too hard,” “this is going to take too long,” “I. Can’t. Breath.”  You know, pretty standard negative self-talk, but when I started at RARE last January, I realized that working out can be FUN!  Not only does it make me move faster, but it gave me something to focus on other than those negative thoughts.  Watching those around me go through the same pain made me stop feeling sorry for myself!  Not only that, but all of the encouragement and motivation that I was getting from complete strangers was truly touching.

To hear someone cheering you one in the midst of your workout is oftentimes enough to get you through anything.  After the class was over,  I was off in my own little corner working out with my husband coaching me through, and from a voice of someone I’d never met, I heard “Go girl!”  I turned around to see someone who was visiting RARE for the first time, she’d already gotten the hang of it!

This is an exciting time of year at RARE because we have a lot of new clients coming in, just today I saw 4 new faces!  It is SO exciting to see people coming in to change their lives.  It may sound cliche, but it does change lives.  We strive to instill not only physical fitness, but nutrition, confidence, positive thinking, and a more healthy approach to life altogether.  If we don’t see you for a few weeks, you can expect to hear from one of us asking “Where have you been?  Get back in here!”  We realize that you’ve made a commitment to us, and in return, we make a commitment to you.

I used to be motivated by the elite athletes with six packs, but not anymore.  Of course, they are incredibly disciplined, accomplished individuals, but that’s not what makes me want to get out there everyday and move.  I am inspired by those new faces, those people who take the leap to try something new.  Those that know it’s going to be hard, but commit to it anyways.  I am inspired by parents who bring in their children and do it as a family, by people who come alone, without any support from home, by the young and the old, the experienced and the novice.  Again, RARE Crossfit, I thank you for your support and commitment to my health, know that I am just as committed to yours.  Nothing makes my heart soar like seeing you succeed!

Happy Saturday!  Today is the PERFECT opportunity to try one of the workouts, get your kids or your spouse to cheer you on!  If you’d like to find out more about RARE, click on that link! Also, look for this week’s meal plan today or tomorrow!


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  1. maggie says:

    This article is really so great, really captures everything I love about RARE! Miss you guys, can’t wait for spring break to be over so I can be back!!!

    1. Lauren says:

      Haha, enjoy your spring break! We’ll be here when it’s over. We miss you too, I hope your back is feeling better.

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