A Chronic Case of Butterflies and Sugar Addiction

Today I’d like to tell you a love story….

Nearly 7 years ago in a little town called West Lafayette, Indiana, I was visiting my big brother on a “college tour.”  He showed me around campus and gave me a great tour of the of the buildings where I would potentially be getting my college education.  After a long day of walking around campus Cory took me to visit some of his friends that evening.  Then later in the night he told me we were going to go over to his friend Evan’s house because his little sister would be there visiting as well.  I met many of Cory’s friends that evening, but for some reason I was nervous about meeting his friend Evan.  I had no idea why, I had heard Cory speak highly of Evan because of his smart business mindset and his entrepreneurial spirit but I knew little else about him, definitely not enough to be nervous.  As the evening progressed though, the nerves got worse.

We arrived at Evan’s house a little before midnight when he would be picking his sister up from the train station.  We waited and I met his roommates…still nervous.  Midnight approached then passed and Evan and his sister walked through the first door.  As silly as it sounds, as soon as I saw Evan I felt this nudge, more like a smack that said “Lauren, remember this, this is a very important moment.”  We were introduced but it was just a normal introduction, the stars didn’t align, we didn’t make eye contact and fall madly in love…but I had butterflies–masses of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  It was just like my nerves had gone haywire without any explanation. “Why?”  I kept thinking, why am I so  nervous?  Why is this guy making my palms sweat?   And again, I heard the little voice, whether it was within me or above me I did not know, but the voice said, “Wait, you’ll see.”

That’s it?  Wait?  I had never in my entire life waited for something.  I do not like surprises, I’m the kind of girl who unwraps presents the day they are put under the tree.  Until that point I didn’t have the capacity to wait for anything…ever, but something changed that day.  Over the course of the next year, Evan and I slowly got to know one another.  I didn’t want to be too forward because, after all, he was one of my brother’s best friends and at that point I was just some creepy little high school girl who had a crush (the size of Russia) on this college boy.  Obviously, my visits to Purdue to see Cory became much more common, but Evan still just saw me as his friend’s little sister.  For some strange reason, that was perfectly okay with me, I was just….waiting.  Patiently waiting.  It was the first time I’d ever been patient.  We went from AOL chats to e-mails to phone conversations, then he went away to boot camp for the summer and I wrote letters, LOTS of letters.  Thank goodness all of my letters somehow didn’t get delivered (should I blame the Marine Corps or you, Mom? :)), if they’d all been delivered he probably would have filed a restraining order.  I did get a couple letters back, after all he was busy, but apparently there was one letter that held some significant news that I did not receive.  Still, I do not know exactly what that letter said, but it was something to the effect of him being madly in love with me…you know…the kind of news a girl wants to know.  Because I didn’t respond to that letter, like anyone normal person, Evan didn’t bring it up again until he knew it was safe.

That fall, a year to the day after we had met, we decided that no matter how awkward it would be, no matter how my parents would react, we were going to start dating.  And from there we dated for 4 years and got married almost two years ago…but the butterflies remain.  We spent those 5 years of ‘courting’ at distances that spanned from 2 hours to 12 time zones, only 8 of those 60 months were spent in the same zip code.  It was a long 5 years but those years make each day of our marriage much more vivid and meaningful.  It’s not all roses, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel a little butterfly as he walks through our front door.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Evan and to all of my friends and family reading!

Also, I couldn’t get through a sugary holiday without a little something about how damaging sugar is.  I know, I know, I’m ruining it for you, and if you’ve got a big Russel Stover box calling your name, you may want to save this article for tomorrow.  But read it soon.



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  1. Heather says:

    Lauren this is sweet. Thanks for sharing! I think you should write a book. This reminded me if the story the notebook except shorter. I happy for you guys! Happy Valentines Day ❤

    1. Lauren says:

      Thanks, Heather. I was feeling a little mooshy yesterday and wanted to share our story. I’ve thought about a book….I’m just trying to figure out exactly what that book would be about! Thanks for the encouragement, I get very motivated by the feedback from my friends and family 🙂

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