Lauren’s Local Loves: The Globe and Laurel

It’s date night, and although I love to stay home and cook, going out to dinner brings me sheer excitement.  No dishes, no apron, just me and the Mister.  I ask where we’re going, but that’s a silly question, we have one local favorite from which we hardly stray; The Globe and Laurel.  Just 10 minutes from our house, we walk into the warm entry-way, where we are met by Mrs. Spooner, the wife of Major Spooner (USMC Ret.), together the have owned and operated their successful establishment for 43 years.  Although retirement is supposed to mean, well, retirement,  for these two, hard work is not something they plan to take a break from.  I’ve never been to the Globe and Laurel without seeing both Mr. and Mrs. Spooner greeting guests and making sure service is nothing less than perfect.

We are shown to our seat, and although the parking lot is filled with cars, the many different rooms within the restaurant makes it feel as if there are only a few guests.  Music plays softly and sets the tone for this warm, relaxed atmosphere.  The walls are adorned with memorabilia donated by multiple Marines and servicemen and women, grateful to the Spooners for providing a place where these items will be relished and respected.  Memorabilia dates back to before the Civil War, and there is not an uninteresting wall in the whole place.  The waiters and staff are friendly and dependable, in all of our visits, we’ve never had bad service, (and after 6 years as a waitress…I am pretty hard to please).

They bring out Evan’s water and my coffee (they have great coffee), and we proceed to order our usual.  Although the entire menu looks wonderful and I have heard from numerous people that everything is worth trying, I can’t help but order the prime rib…every time.  Actually, I did have crab cakes once, and those were awesome, I just keep going back to my favorite; a 9 ounce prime rib, bakes potato, dinner salad, and french onion soup.  The soup is beyond wonderful, I have tried to duplicate it in my own kitchen, but I simply can’t mimic what they’ve got.  The broth is rich and salty, with just a hint of sweetness as it slides down the back of your tongue, it is then covered with a big piece of mozzarella cheese, melting down the side of the bowl, with a thin slice of french baguette floating underneath.  I am already hungry.

The salad is simple and just enough to keep me satiated while I converse with my handsome husband while dinner is made.  We never have to wait long, though, as our dinner is brought out in a timely fashion every time.  Our steaks are brought out on a wooden board, complete with a medium-sized baked potato and horseradish sauce.  The waitress also has a dish of sour cream, butter, and chives for us to choose from, I bless my potato with all three and ask for a side of raw horseradish to slather on my steak.  The steak is perfectly medium-rare, but I love that bite of horseradish as it awakens all of my senses and makes everything taste better.

As usual, I only get through half of my meal before I am full.  The prices are a bit higher than other restaurants in the area, but when you get two meals out of it, you can’t get a better price.  I love this place, it’s so comfortable and inviting, it keeps me coming back.  The best part is that my husband and I can go out and get a healthy dinner without fighting the crowds of local chains or dealing with slow service, only to be rewarded with an “okay” meal.  Instead we can drive right up Route 1, where we are welcomed with open arms and a delicious meal at the Globe and Laurel.

Thank you Major and Mrs. Spooner for providing us with countless evenings filled with wonderful food and good company.

If you would like to visit the Globe and Laurel, it is located at 3987 Jefferson Davis Highway in history Stafford, Virginia.  To find out about hosting a party or gathering call (703) 221-5763 or email To find out more about the history, specials, directions, or hours visit

The Globe and Laurel is also located just down the road from The Marine Corps Museum, another one of my favorite local experiences.  The Marine Corps Museam pays homage to the 235 years of service of the USMC, make it an afternoon event.  There is no greater way to 66th anniversary of the flag raising on Mout Suribachi at Iwo Jima on February 23rd than by visiting the Museum, followed by the Globe and Laurel!


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