Rare Women

On Tuesday, after a snow day spent at home in my cozy house, I was less than motivated to go out into the cold.  When I got the gym I used the excuse that I had already worked out that day (barely) and I was going to yoga that night, so it would substitute for the running workout that everyone else was doing.  Running is not my strong suit, I don’t hate it like I used to, but I would prefer to avoid it if given the choice.  The problem with avoiding the things you aren’t good at, is you never improve upon those areas and continue to fall further and further away from potential success in that area.

In the midst of my avoidance, I was met by tough chicks at Tuesday’s 4:00 workout, three women that really motivated me whether they know it or not.  First came Missy, with her “I can do it!” attitude. Then along came Molly, ready to conquer the world, even after teaching over 100 elementary students P.E. that day.  And right when I thought she wasn’t going to show –came Helen, as always, with a smile on her face.  All of these women had spent their day at working, whether at home, in a gymnasium or office and had every reason to be tired and grumpy, but they were far from it.

For non-runners, the workout looked tough 1600 meters (a mile), 1200 meters (3/4 of a mile), 800 meters (1/2 a mile), and 400 meters, all meant to be run at a fast pace–no jogging here!  Molly, a tough triathlete and Crossfiter, came in and asked if she could do the workout on the rower because she loves running, but the rower? We refer to that as the human wrecking machine. Missy had been sick so she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to finish the workout, but she was going to try.  And Helen, also recovering from a winter-time ailment, chose to use the rower as well, which is hard work.

Helen and Missy post workout (I think Molly was already jogging home at this point!)

Molly took off and never looked back, finishing with the same look of determination she has during every workout.  Missy finished the mile, then the 3/4 of a mile, then the 1/2 mile….and then the 1/4 of a mile, the lady who thought she wouldn’t finish pushed through the entire workout without any hesitation at all!  As I watched Helen, I realized this women who had just started Crossfit a few months before was keeping the same pace I usually do, after years of training!  Regardless of how much energy they had, no matter how much their lungs burned, and no matter what it took, they showed up and performed.

That night, after yoga had been canceled, I thought of those three the entire way home.  It was too late and foggy to run, but they pushed me to come right in the house and get on the rower, no matter what I would have preferred to be doing.  I also thought of those three women during my workout on Wednesday and a few times in between. That group atmosphere is one of the great advantages of gyms like RARE; people show up because they know they will be missed, and we all really care about the well-being of those working by our side.  Everyday I show up to the gym and get greeted by others trying to accomplish the same thing; better health and a better life for themselves.  Each day I a motivated by someone who is working hard and has come far to achieve their current level of health.

So to you, my “rare” friends, I thank you for the motivation, encouragement, and commitment  to my health and well-being.  To those of you who aren’t able to be a part of a fitness community like RARE Crossfit, build one!  Two people create a team and three makes a party.  You don’t need equipment and logo t-shirts, you just need each others’ encouragement.  If you truly don’t think there’s anyone out there who wants to go on this journey with you, start the journey anyway, you’ll be surprised by how many people are just searching for someone to inspire them.


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  1. missy says:

    I could not do any of this if it was not for you, pushing and believing in me. I know I have along ways to go but I know with you there I feel I can do it. Thanks for always making sure I don’t stop and telling me “yes, you can do it!!!”

    One other thing your remind me of is setting goals. I think you go through life and the motions and forget the real reason why you are doing it. The other week when you had me write down those goals it made me want it even more. So, everyone write down your goals so you can see them and start believing it too.

    1. Lauren says:

      I am so proud of you for all of the hard work you do, and most of all, your perseverance and determination to work toward your goals. With or without me, you could do this, you are one powerful woman! I’ll see you Tuesday!

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