Oliver the Dreamer

I was going to write an article on Celiac disease today, but a more exciting event has come to my attention.  Today is the 6th birthday of my oldest nephew, Oliver.  Now, Oliver is no regular-ol’ 6 year-old, not anywhere close.  Oliver is smart, witty, caring, energetic, funny, and incredibly insightful, more so than many adults I know.  One of the greatest things about Oliver is his exciting imagination, if I could get a glimpse into anyone’s thoughts for just a moment, I would pick Oliver.  He tells tales of dragons, pirates, monsters, and sea creatures, usually all intertwined into one fascinating tale of exploration, conquest, and people eating.

If we could all just have a little of Oliver’s imagination, the world would be a much more creative and enjoyable place.  Today in honor of Oliver’s birthday I want us all to imagine what our best-self looks like.  Are you more creative?  Do you spend more time reading books, playing with your kids, or pursuing you favorite hobby?  Do you have more energy, spend more time with family?  Close your eyes, picture it.

When Oliver isn’t telling a tale of dinosaurs or explorers, he’s acting out his imagination with his siblings or his toys–he’s making his dreams become reality.  Although we may not dream of creatures in far off lands anymore, sometimes our dreams and aspirations for our best self seem just as crazy.  Just last night as I was putting away dishes, I thought of how great it felt to have it done, and how much I love to wake up to a clean kitchen.  I told myself “I’m not going to let the dishes sit overnight again this year”–then I quickly laughed and picture myself failing at a task that I hadn’t even attempted yet.  Such a small dream that would be so easy to accomplish, yet I shot down without even trying.  How often do we do that?  Are our dreams really that far from reality?  Oliver would tell you they’re not.

Oliver would tell you to let your imagination come alive, no matter how far off those dreams may seem.  Today, for Oliver, picture your best self and pick one aspect of that best self and make it become a reality.  When I picture my best self it always includes a clean, organized house, because my mind is so cluttered and disorganized.  So I am going to do the dishes, every night.  And every two weeks I’m going to reward myself… by eating off paper plates. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Oliver!  I hope today is the best birthday you’ve ever had.  Thank you for inspiring me to dream big!


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  1. Katie says:

    Lauren, you’re a sweetie. We had to get him in bed last night, but I will read it to him as soon as he wakes up. He’ll be very excited to hear his name, and to finally figure out what the heck a blog is! 🙂

  2. Thomas Mayhill says:

    Lauren: I’m Christee’s Dad and we met while I was there visiting last year. I have ‘accidently’ found your blog as Chris made reference to it on Facebook….something else that I don’t yet understand or use well.

    I truly enjoyed your piece about Oliver. It was well written and in fact contained a challenge to your readers…in fact, there were several challenges. I accept the challenges to see my BEST SELF and as you see somethings that I can make better also. As the editor / publisher of the Knights of Columbus Council #4118 Newsletter I’m thinking about writing a small piece based on “Oliver the Dreamer” to challenge the men of the Council.

    Now, if I can just figure out how to bookmark your Blog so I can return. Tell Christee she’s the apple of my eye and love her dearly….and the guys. Thomas

    1. Lauren says:

      I am honored that you were inspired by this, Oliver inspires me everyday, he is one-of-a-kind! That is wonderful that you’re a part of the KOCC Newsletter! We get that newsletter, but for some reason our copy is in Spanish! We’ll have to make a switch to the English version so we can read your piece. Thank you so much, Christee and her men are doing well, we just saw them last night. They are family to us.
      I’m so glad you enjoy reading, thank you for commenting as well, sometimes I’m not sure who my audience is, but when I know of who is reading, I can better serve my readers through topics I know will interest and help them. Thanks, Tom. That made my day!

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