On The Go, Wind, Rain, or Snow

Remember how I said I’m no good at New Year’s resolutions?  Well, Exhibit A: I resolved to get back to writing on my blog daily.  Hmmm….you can see how that has worked out for me.

For the past 2 weeks we’ve been in Japan visiting close friends on Okinawa.  It was such a wonderful trip that I fully devoted my time to enjoying Japan and focusing on having fun while I was there, no blogging, no school work, just vacationing!  Prior to that, we were visiting family in the Midwest.  Fast forward to current: I am on a plane headed to Tokyo, then back to the states.  I have not taught in 21 days, I have not really had any responsibilities actually…and it’s been WONDERFUL!  We’ve been hiking, exploring, watching movies, climbing,  driving on the wrong side of the road, eating sushi, exercising, taking pictures and spending a lot of time confused by the Japanese language altogether!  It was my first time visiting another continent and if it wasn’t for our friends living in Japan, we would have spent even more time confused! Everything was different, from the cars to the toilets and I enjoyed every bit of it!  I especially enjoyed all of the hiking we did.  Even on the small island of Okinawa there were many opportunities to hike; up and down cliffs, on sandy beaches, and through sub-tropical rain forest.

On our hikes, I was often reminded of the family vacations we took as kids to state and national parks and forests.  We spent time camping, hiking, and swimming…and we didn’t even have to fly 16 hours to do it!  While in Japan, I often found myself thinking “I wish it were like this at home” and I had to remind myself that it is like that, in many places!  I don’t think any of us have to go far to find a state or national park or forest to explore.  I know, I know, it is January and there’s an awful lot of snow on the ground and cold in the air in some places, but it is a good time to start planning a spring vacation to get outside and enjoy nature…or just get out there in the snow.  Did you know you burn more calories in the cold? 🙂

We stayed really active throughout most of the trip without doing a whole lot of “planned” or organized workouts.  Of course, the 60 degree weather made being outdoors much more comfortable, but even had we stayed in the Midwest or Virginia there would have been a lot of ways we could have stayed active without “working out.”  There are a lot of ways to stay active during the winter:

  • sledding
  • playing in the snow
  • ice skating
  • skiing
  • walking the dog
  • snow shoeing (I’ve never tried it, but it sounds fun)
  • hunting (I’ve never tried it and it doesn’t sound fun to me, but there a lot of people who really enjoy it!)
  • playing basketball or football
  • snowball fights (an inevitable part of playing outside in the winter)
  • pull the kids on a sled behind you

There’s really not much that you can’t do in the winter, it’s just a matter of being willing to get a little chili!  But if you stay moving you’ll warm up fast!  Make it your goal this weekend to get outside a couple times, your kids (and your body) will thank you!

I will be sharing more of my experience in Japan in the next week, I know I haven’t been writing as much in the past few weeks, but I’m back home now so stay tuned!


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