A Winter Wonderland Workout

It probably appears as if I have forgotten all about you, or as if I have come across some terrible plague that doesn’t allow me to write….both of these are wrong.  I’ve simply been busy merry-making and haven’t thought of anything intelligent to say, so I haven’t said anything at all! 🙂  I do hope your Christmas day has treated you well and as the sun sets on Christmas 2010, you are satisfied and thankful for the year that has passed and excited about the year to come.

In the last week filled withmeals and family time, I had one family moment that has stuck out in my mind as one of the best of the winter so far.  In Virginia it doesn’t get much below 20 degrees, and if it does everyone freaks out and buys bread, milk, eggs, and firewood (whether they have a wood-burning stove or not).  While visiting family in Indiana, I was immediately reminded of what cold weather REALLY feels like.  When we arrived it was around 18 degrees, and was 9 degrees when we woke up the next morning with a wind chill factor of -1236 degrees, if I remember correctly.  It was brisk and Lauren was doing her best to stay inside.

But my best just wasn’t good enough for my niece and nephews.

I took the dog outside for a little run around the yard, I figured I could handle that because I raised the dog well and he hates cold weather.  No sooner than I had gotten back outside from my 3-4 minute excursion, was my 4 year-old nephew out on the deck looking for “Aunt Wa Wa,” wearing his jacket, Grandpa’s hat, and no gloves.  But don’t worry about the gloves, he said, he put his hands in his pockets.  How was I supposed to stay inside with him roaming around on the deck calling my name?  So I layered up and by the time I was outside the other kids were too.  It was 10 degrees out and there was no looking  back at the warm house.

We played fox and rabbit for a little while, until they started cheating and staying on base the entire time.  Then we ran from tree to tree, hiding from the abominable snowman.  Then we had a snow ball fight, as we ducked in and out of the brush pile, where all of the snakes and rabid rabbits sleep.  (The “no snowballs above the shoulder” rule didn’t take long to come into play).  We split up into teams and were trying to be sneaky, but there wasn’t much use as my nephew yelled “DEY CAN SEE US WA WA!!!!” over and over again until indeed, they could see us.  I was just waiting for the moment when my niece said “Lets go sledding!”  I looked down at my jeans and over-sized snowboots and thought, “Oh no,” but said “Why not!?!”

Fortunately, it was cold enough that the snow was fluffy and dry and made for perfect sledding conditions and didn’t make my pants wet, and as long as I kept moving I didn’t really feel the cold.  We went sledding on the driveway and then down the backside of the “big hill,” which didn’t seem nearly as big as it did when I was their age.  When we tired of sledding, we went on a bit of a forest adventure and played on the slippery-frozen creek and jumped over fallen logs and looked for something they kept calling the magic stick.

Whether or not we found the magic stick, I do not know, but I do know that was the most fun I have had in snow in a long time.  When we got back in the warm house with the promise of hot chocolate on our taste buds, I was expecting to look at the clock and find that hours and hours had passed, only to find it had only been an hour and a half!  It was like we’d been to Narnia and time was standing still, waiting for us.  We had conquered every tree, rock, hill and creek in the front yard in that hour and a half and made a memory that I hope will  remain with them as long as it will with me.

If it is snowing where you are, layer up and go outside!  If you’re worried about the cold, just keep moving–follow the kids’ lead!  Isn’t it amazing how it seems as if they never get cold?  Forget about the weather and play like a kid, get in a good, snowy workout and have yourself a merry little Christmas!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    You’re wonderful. The kids had such a great time playing with you last weekend, and I had a great time watching you… from inside… while eating cookies… and hiding the magic stick under my lazyboy cushion.

  2. Jenna says:

    We tried your recipe of the week! The baby loved it! I sent you a picture to your phone of her munching away! Thanks and keep ’em coming!

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