Lazy Sunday Soup

Although I refuse to call 40 degrees in the middle of December cold, I will say that as the temperature has been dropping in the past couple weeks here in Virginia, I’ve been craving some nice, hot soup.  But, as I’ve been spending more time at RARE and more time preparing Christmas gifts, I’ve had little-to-no desire to cook…still craving soup though….it’s quit the predicament.  So, as the problem solver I am, I went to Panera yesterday to get some nice, hot soup in the midst of a nice, chili shopping trip.

Standing in line, I debated the french onion soup and the broccoli cheddar soup.  Do I want ouey gouey cheesiness with onion or with broccoli?  The onion won out and it was a good decision, but it only left me with the desire for some broccoli cheddar soup.  Can’t I just be satisfied with what I have for once?

Finally, today after church and various craft projects, I made broccoli cheddar soup, but not like Panara’s, although delicious, I wanted to make my own.  Less cheese and more broccoli, not because I have anything against the cheese, only because I’ve already eaten enough dairy today and needed my veggies.

Still not in the mood to cook, I got out the crock pot and put in about 1 cup of chicken broth and 2 bags of frozen broccoli, put it on high and went in to the other room to make a sock monkey.  After about a half hour I came back, shut off the heat and added a bag of cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup milk and stirred.  At this point I got out my immersion blender and pureed it, but this step is optional, it doesn’t change the taste at all, only the consistency.  You could just as easily mash it up with a potato masher or eat it as it is.  Top it off with some salt and pepper and I was done.

The stove-top edition of this soup would look like this: put 1 cup stock in a pot, add 2 bags frozen broccoli, cook on high until the broccoli is mushy (like the consistency of broccoli you get from the school cafeteria).  Take off the heat, add cheese and follow the same process as above.

It wasn’t fancy, or time consuming, but it was warm and lazy….just what I needed to finish off my Sunday.  When I was a kid, Mom would melt cheese over top of broccoli or cauliflower to get us to eat it…and it worked.  I would venture to say it would work for your kids, too!  Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “The Grinch” and then tell them you’re going to make Grinch soup.  They’re either going to get really excited and eat it, be thoroughly disgusted and think you cooked the Christmas crook himself, or be really excited that you cooked the Grinch and that they get to eat him.  Either way, maybe you’ll get them to eat some broccoli!

I hope you have a great week, I’ll be writing more this week, as I have promised myself I won’t get to busy for a little BS.


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