A Little Holiday Help

Please excuse my lack of posts this week, I’ve been busy crafting!  This year my goal is to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible in an attempt to save money and make gifts more personal.   I have had roughly 350 days to work on these gifts, but I am a chronic procrastinator….I am actually avoiding another task by writing this right now.  So far, I’ve been working on sock monkeys for the adorable little boys in my life, hair accessories for the cute little girls, holly wreaths and bird seed balls for friends, and a big ole’ secret project for my handsome husband and fantastic family. 

When deciding to make gifts for others, baking was always an option.  When I can pump out 25 dozen cookies in a day and be done, why put effort into holly wreaths and bird seed balls?  Trust me, I contemplated that a couple times. While there isn’t anything wrong with putting time and effort into making a delicious holiday treat for a friend, personally, I wanted to give something that would help people stay on a healthy track for the holidays.  Again, I’m not criticising your beautiful, frosted, sprinkled, holiday cookies–I will enjoy a few this Christmas as well, but on my venture to make this year my healthiest one yet, I wanted to start off on the right foot.

I realize there isn’t a lot of time left before Christmas, but I wanted to give you a few ideas for gifts for the whole family that are handmade, healthy, and holly-jolly!  My favorite craft blog, CraftyNest, posted 137 inexpensive, handmade gift ideas that I have used as I’ve made my 2010 Christmas list.  Many of the projects can be done in less than an hour, and if you remember the feeling you got in grade school as mom opened her handmade ornament or the feeling you get as a parent when you open a handmade item from your child, you know it will be an hour well spent!

Here are the links to her 137 ideas!

Today’s challenge:  Promote a healthier holiday, be crafty!


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