Get to Work!

Yesterday I realized the featured workout has been featured for a while now, and I haven’t posted any new workouts to do in a while either, I guess it’s time to change that!  As the weather gets cold, going out to play, walk, or jog gets a lot less tempting, this means its a perfect time to try some new indoor workouts!

4 Rounds for time: (that means as fast as you can!)

30 lunges

25 sit ups

20 push ups

1 Round for time:

50 burpees

7 rounds:

7 squats

7 burpees

10 Rounds for time (or 20 rounds if you want the challenge)

5 air squats

5 pushups

5 sit ups

5 Rounds:

30 second hold at the bottom of a squat

10 second rest

30 second plank hold

10 second rest

Four workouts, just enough to get you through the week!  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and then rest on the weekend!  Today I’m going to do the lung, sit-up, push-up workout, give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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