Kettlebells in the Kitchen

You may have noticed that big, black, iron, dangerous looking thing at the top of the page with “No BS” painted on it.  That thing, if you do not recognize it, is a wonderful tool called a kettlebell.  A very useful piece of equipment that engages your entire body and can be used for multiple exercises.  I’d never seen one in a a store, only online, until a couple weeks ago I saw one at Wal-Mart!  Now, as much as I hate Wal-Mart, this was a step int eh right direction.  The weights varied from 5# to 75# and came in all different colors.  I’m pretty sure you could even get one with Jillian Michael’s face on it! (Until they start making one with my face on it, you’ll have to settle for hers.)

Here is a short video of the way I most frequently use a kettlebell, through a KB swing.

The kettlebell swing can be implemented into any workout in addition to many other ways it can by used.  If you’re interested in other ways to use a KB, let me know and I will post some.  The basic swing will take you a long way, though!  Throw it in with some push ups, sit ups, and sprints and you’ll feel the benefits of it immediately!  You’ll notice most people don’t swing the kettlebell fully overhead, bringing it just to shoulder level then back down.  If you try a “Russian” kettlebell swing (just to shoulders) verses the “American” swing (to full overhead extension), you’ll feel how much more power it takes to get the kettlebell overhead, which increases your work capacity and is much more effective.  If you’d like to read more about this, visit the following URL: You may have to copy and paste it.

I keep 2 kettlebells in my car for our road trips or days when a friend and I might want to “swing” into action.  This may sound odd, (it probably is) but it makes it very hard for find an excuse to avoid working out, anywhere!  If you’re interested in buying a KB, I would suggest you go to Wal-Mart and give a couple a swing to find the right weight.  If you’re just starting out and can’t manage it get the KB overhead yet, do the Russian style swing until you’ve built up the strength.

Prior to having a KB, I used a rock to swing once, a gallon bucket of a paint, and the dumbbell method where you hold onto one end of the dumbbell and swing just like you would a regular kettlebell.  I’ve also seen some people online make their own, so if you’re handy give it a shot!

For those of you familiar with the KB swing already or interested in learning more, below is another Crossfit Journal article explaining some of the other movements that can be done with the kettlebell!

And yes, I keep my NO BS kettlebell in my kitchen as a helpful reminder:)


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