What a Country Bumpkin Does With a Pie Pumpkin!

Happy Friday!  And a happy one it is!  What plans have you made for this beautiful weekend?  The weather here in Virginia is supposed to be gorgeous so I plan to be outside!  Before the weather gets too cold, take this weekend as an opportunity to get the entire family outside playing.  Find somewhere to hike, play catch, take a walk or a jog!  There’s no reason to spend such a beautiful weekend inside watching TV, don’t do it!! Don’t do it!!

Make sure you plan a trip to the grocery store and farmer’s market this weekend, as I will be posting next week’s meal plan for you tomorrow morning!  While you’re there pick up a couple pie pumpkins, because I spent yesterday testing pumpkin recipes and I think you’ll like them!  There are a couple improvements that need to be made before I can reveal any recipes.  It’s really nothing earth shattering…I’m just very excited about them.

The first recipe I tried was Stuffed Pumpkin…I stuffed it with sausage, apples, onions, and cheese.  You’ve probably noticed that I use sausage a lot in my recipes.  Well, over the summer we bought an entire hog from Babes in the Woods, a farm that sells pork that has been entirely forest fed.  The meat is SO delicious and I can’t help but use it as often as possible.  Oink Oink.  After stuffing my pumpkin with Babe, I baked it until it was creamy and soft, and the result was beautiful. Judging by how quickly my husband ate the ENTIRE pumpkin and it’s contents…I’d say it was delicious too. And guess what, it was actually SIMPLE!

While that was baking and filling my house with the smell of pork and pumpkin perfection, I pulled out a can of pumpkin puree and began making a sweet, spicy, grain-free pumpkin cake with cinnamon frosting.  I pulled a recipe off the internet and made some changes, mainly because I forgot to buy a couple of the ingredients while at the store, but the substitutions turned out well.  This recipe is simple and your kids could help out too.

With the contents of the pumpkins I made another kid-friendly recipe.  After tossing the seeds in some olive oil I sprinkled them with salt and cayenne pepper.  Okay, maybe cayenne pepper isn’t kid friendly but you could just as easily use seasoning salt or garlic powder.  They’re crunchy and savory with 8 grams of protein in a handful!

We have some friends coming over tomorrow and I’ll be giving these recipes another try.  (I hope you’re hungry Mike and Kate!)  I’ll share the recipes with you next week…stay tunned and Happy Friday, Punkin!


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