Happy Hauntings

Now that the kiddies are tucked away in bed, while dreams of bite-size Snickers dance in their head.

And the candy is hidden away with care, in hopes that siblings (and parents) won’t find it there….

While the fruity candy, chocolate, and suckers have all been carefully separated,

And the jack-o-lanterns and face paint melt after being delicately decorated,

You can sit with the favorite candies you’ve stolen from the kids,

As you fight back the heaviness of your eyelids.

Exhausted by another long Halloween day

And the thought that Thanksgiving is just THREE WEEKS away!

RELAX, get some rest as you curl up to your spouse,

And wait for those damn teenagers to come egg your house….

I hope you had a great Halloween!  Mine went by quickly….and I just realized I don’t have a SINGLE piece of candy to show for it!  Geeze, I really have to get some kids so I can go trick-or-treating again!


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